A Broken Cowboy (BWWM Interracial Romance)

A Broken Cowboy (BWWM Interracial Romance) by Renee Phillips

Book: A Broken Cowboy (BWWM Interracial Romance) by Renee Phillips Read Free Book Online
Authors: Renee Phillips
eyebrow glistened from some kind of ointment, but otherwise, he looked fine. “You need to take swimming lessons.”
    Mimi was still too dumbfounded to speak. She’d seen him get carried away by the flood, and then in the morning was certain it was his ghost that helped her through. But here he was, warm and gorgeous and very much alive. She started to cry even as she smiled at him.
    “Now, now, no crying!” he said, suddenly concerned. “It’s all over. You’re okay.”
    “How is this possible? I saw you fall,” she began, doubting her own memory of the incident. “And then…”
    “I did fall, then I went along with the current for a while. I slowly started veering towards solid ground as it carried me, and by then I was so far from you that it was a better choice to go for help. I was in the helicopter with the rescue team, and when you couldn’t get in the harness, I jumped,” he explained, taking her hand in his and holding it firmly as she shook.
    “It’s too unbelievable,” she began, still crying from the emotional strain of being alone and wanting to die, to being so overjoyed that Gabriel was alive and real.
    “No more tears, baby. I’m fine,” he assured her.
    “That’s not why I’m crying,” she said, laughing as she wiped at the tears with the back of her other hand. She lifted it and gestured to the hospital room and the building. “You’re inside!”
    Gabriel laughed too and whispered, “The next time you want me to come inside, promise me that you won’t try to die. Just tell me, and I promise I’ll come in.” Mimi shook her head before fixing him with a confident gaze.
    “Nope, no more dying for either of us. Indoors, outdoors, I don’t care. We’ll pitch a tent, live under a rock, whatever. Just as long as you’re still there.” She smiled at him, and was a little bit shocked to realize she meant it. The city woman who once lived in a home with gleaming stainless steel appliances and polished granite counter tops would give up central heat and air conditioning—heck, she’d even give up indoor plumbing—just as long as it meant she got to stay here with Gabriel.
    “I’m not going anywhere,” he promised her. “I’m here. I love you.” He stood to lean over her and kissed her again, lingering with his lips pressed against hers. She reached up and put her hand on the back of his neck, refusing to let him go.
    “I love you, too, Gabriel,” she said after finally releasing him. They both laughed at the sudden increase in speed from the heart rate monitor that beeped near the head of her bed.
    The next day, Mimi and Gabriel walked out of the hospital, hand in hand, and rode out with Sarah to survey the damage. The cabin was completely destroyed, pieces of it scattered in a winding line where the waters were beginning to recede a fraction. It would be weeks before the water would be gone and rebuilding could start.
    “Well,” Mimi said, refusing to be brought down by the whole incident, “the good thing is I didn’t really own anything yet. I won’t have a ton of stuff to replace, and anything I did lose will be covered by insurance.”
    “Wow, Mimi,” Sarah said with a sad smile. “You have such a great heart. An incident like this comes along only every so often, but it can really knock people down. It’s amazing how you’re just taking it in stride! Thank goodness your horses were free and able to make it to higher ground. If they’d been in the barn…” Her voice trailed off, leaving unsaid the horrific thought.
    Mimi’s horses were skittish and hadn’t returned yet, but Gabriel had promised Mimi that he’d seen them standing up on the ridge, overlooking the ranch. At least she knew they were safe, and knew that they would come back when they felt safe again.
    “I’ve already been through the worst. This is nothing compared to how it could have turned out, how I thought it had turned out,” she said, looking up at Gabriel with a pointed expression.

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