A Bride Worth Billions

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Authors: Tiffany Morgan
I know him. As a calm settle over his face and features went back to normal as we sat silently under the stars, I could no longer contain myself and I leaned over and pecked him on the cheek. He stared back at me with a small grin playing across his lips and his skin beginning to color again. I didn’t know if I embarrassed him with being so forward, but I didn’t care, and as he stared at me with that stunned, witless expression on his face, I leaned in again and kissed him on the lips.
    At first he didn’t respond and my heart sank a bit down into the pit of my stomach. But then, he slung his arms over my neck and pulled me deep into his embrace. Our breath became one and our hearts fluttered like pet birds about to be let out of their cage to be set free to the skies. We finally parted and Derrick began kissing my neck. I giggled as the hard scruff of his beard tickled me and I then reached own below Derrick’s waist and gripped his manhood through his kilt. He pulled away from me holding me at arm’s length. Had I been too forward in my advances? Was I scaring him? It didn’t matter, I’d already pushed myself this far in admitting my feelings for him, so why not go ahead and take the next step?
    I reached under his kilt and filled my hands with his stiff manhood. I gasped as I felt its girth and weight. It seemed so impossibly large and I wondered if it would even be able to fit inside of me. I pushed this thought out of my mind and had Derrick lay back and I took him inside my mouth. Its taste was heady with sweat and something a bit animal. It didn’t taste bad, just something almost unrecognizable and new. I kissed and licked at its engorged head and swallowing it as deeply down my throat as I could, and then Derrick’s body began to shudder and his seed filled my mouth with an odd, thick sweetness and I swallowed it all down, not wasting a drop.
    I continued to stroke him as he caught his breath and then I lifted my kilt and moved aside my breaches and straddled him. My maidenhood felt like was sloshing a full of water and I easily slid all of his manhood inside me and began to slowly ride him as if he were a horse. As I rode, Derrick pulled my face to his and we shared a long wet kiss and then he pulled me out of shirt so he could nibble at my breast. His tongue and teeth shot tiny bolts of lightening up and down my back and I suddenly felt my loins fill with fire as I pushed down harder and faster on Derrick’s manhood. I called out to the night like a wild animal howling at the moon as wave after wave of pleasure swept through me. As I still moaned and thrashed, Derrick put me on my back and pushed even further inside of me, his deep thrusts building to a frantic pace and then I felt his seed explode inside of me.
    As he calmed, he kissed me deeply yet again and he began to ravage me yet again. As I was washed under another wave of pleasure, I wished that this would never end. I wished that I could bottle this perfect moment and carry it with me always for all time. But I realized that I wouldn’t have to because Derrick was all mine, body, and soul.

    Two years after the death of Wallace, all of Scotland was now at war under the banner of Robert The Bruce. All of Scotland, save my clan, the largest and most powerful clan of highlanders in all of Scotland. And it wasn’t that we did not want to fight, we begged my father for us to join the Malay, but we also understood why he was refusing to do so.
    Robert was the 16th Earl Of Bruce. His family was one of the largest and wealthiest in all of Scotland, and because of that wealth and his family’s generosity, most of Scotland loved and followed him with complete and total obedience. But the Bruce clan had been long time enemies due to Bruce clan’s allegiance to the British throne, and my father worried that the Bruce led rebellion was nothing more than a ruse so that Robert could be crowned the true king of Scotland and then he

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