50 Waves of Passion - the Complete Series: Box Set

50 Waves of Passion - the Complete Series: Box Set by Abigail Kinkade

Book: 50 Waves of Passion - the Complete Series: Box Set by Abigail Kinkade Read Free Book Online
Authors: Abigail Kinkade
Tags: Romance, Sea stories, Erotic Fiction, Lesbian, omnibus
outfit is okay?”
    Caron ran a finger along her arm, making electric shocks travel through her entire body. “It’s amazing. Do you want to see what I am wearing under this dress?”
    The question came out of left field, startling her into saying yes before she could wonder what it was she was about to see.
    Caron stepped back and lifted the hem of her dress very slowly. It inched over her creamy thighs and then it was high enough for Janine to see it.
    A black leather harness with a cock in it.
    The juxtaposition of the cock against the womanly curves, the fabric of the dress, the bright purple of it against such pale skin, made her head swim.
    Caron said. “I guess it is a good thing I wore such a puffy skirt, huh?” She let the skirt of her dress fall again, hiding the cock but the image remained, imprinted on Janine’s mind. She wanted to say to hell with dinner and just tumble onto the nearest surface that would hold her while Caron used that large and thick cock on her.
    She could barely breathe. Her nipples were so taut that the thin fabric of her bra abraded them gently as they left the cabin and headed for the dining room. To her shock, she ate well, and she enjoyed Caron’s company immensely. She was bright, witty and filled with a bawdy humor that had her laughing and blushing.
    What had her blushing even harder were the occasional brush of Caron’s thigh against hers and the soft touch of her hand on Janine's hand. The memory of that cock kept filling her mind. It was all she could so mot to reach out and give it a good squeeze. Her mind was filled with scenarios and her body was tingling all over long before Caron suggested they go on deck to watch the fireworks. She wanted to say she had her own firework show going on but instead she just nodded.
    The fireworks had been lovely and they were headed back to the cabin when Caron reached out and took her hand. Janine swallowed hard, her eyes darting to the front of Caron’s dress. The fabric clung slightly when she walked, giving a faint hint about what lingered below.
    She managed to get them into her cabin and when she did, she turned to ask Caron something but the words were lost when Caron closed the door with one hand and reached for with the other.
    Their mouths met and their tongues did too. Caron’s lips were sweet, soft and plump. Her fingers moved along the clever little zipper hidden within the back of Janine’s dress and then it fell to the floor.
    Caron stepped back, her dress swirling. One moment she wore it and the next it was gone, its bright stripe lying atop of the print of Janine’s dress.
    They staggered to the bedroom, their mouths fused and their hands exploring each other’s bodies. Janine gasped and wriggled as she was pressed into the mattress, her long brown hair spreading across the pillows.
    Caron’s mouth moved lower, her teeth and tongue teased at Janine’s nipples and Janine whimpered and gasped, her fingers clenching into a fist as she lifted her hips so that she could feel the hard press of that cock against her vulva.
    Caron’s nimble fingers stripped her of her panties and bra, left her naked and wanting. Janine’s eyes fluttered closed as Caron’s tongue moved lower, her teeth grazing the tender flesh right below her navel.
    She cried out as Caron’s tongue slid between her labia and found her clit. Caron massaged it with her tongue, moved in circles around that rigid flesh. Her fingers delved into her wet depths and the heavy oils dripped out of her body, ran down her ass crack and she whimpered loudly as her fingers tangled into Caron’s hair, holding her closer as her hips arched again.
    The need to come swelled higher and higher. Her walls clenched and opened on Caron’s slim fingers and Caron’s tongue moved faster, driving her to the brink of a climax. It came, causing her whole body to go rigid and clench. Her walls opened and closed and more thick white fluids dripped form her.
    Caron came

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