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head and his tongue slid over her clit. She bucked against his mouth and he smiled.
    “Don’t you dare laugh,” she panted.
    “Wouldn’t dream of it.” He lowered his mouth once more, and she couldn’t concentrate or think of anything but what he was doing to her.

Chapter Thirteen
    O ver the next few weeks, Heath did everything in his power to pursue Haven like she deserved.
    He took her dancing, flew her out to Comic Con so she could meet the new cast of the Runaways comic books that were being brought to the big screen, and made love to her every chance he got.
    “What did you think of the girl who’s playing Karolina?” he asked over dessert at some fancy restaurant that was known for celebrity watching.
    Haven shrugged. “Fine, I guess. I won’t know until the movie comes out.”
    “I could get us tickets to a private showing,” he offered.
    Excitement flared in her eyes, but just as quickly, it was snuffed out. “That’s really thoughtful of you, but I can’t commit to something like that. I have a business to run.”
    It was all he could to do not to point out that she owned the damned business and could rearrange her schedule however she wanted, just like she had done to fly out to California. “If you change your mind, let me know.”
    She stirred the melted caramel in the bowl. “You’re going to a lot of trouble for nothing. Chesson House is in my name now. You don’t have to do any of this for me.”
    “I know.”
    With a sigh, she set her spoon down. “Then why?”
    “Like I said, I think this could be more.”
    “More isn’t a description that I can count on.” She stood, tossing her napkin into her chair. “I need some air.”
    He watched her go outside and pull her phone out of her purse. She began texting in earnest, her thumbs flying. He wanted to join her, but he knew his presence wouldn’t be welcomed. Besides, what could he say to her?
    What kind of answer did she want from him? She wasn’t exactly an open book herself. Then again, neither was he.
    Since the beginning, he’d relied on their past to get them through the present, only she hadn’t thought very much of him then.
    Maybe that was the problem.
    Haven walked back inside, eyes bright with unshed tears.
    Anger clawed at him, not at her, but at himself. He had no clue what to do. “Ready to go?”
    She nodded, her lips smashed tightly together, as if she spoke, she’d probably something she would regret.
    At that point, he was ready for her to say anything, but he knew she wouldn’t. She would continue to build her walls to keep him out.
    Unless he did something different.
    Nothing was working with Haven, not even when he changed plans and started finding excuses for them to hang out with his family instead of spending money.
    She refused to have family dinners at his parents’ house, always claiming that she was too busy getting ready for next weekend’s event. While Heath knew and had witnessed firsthand how hard she worked, he thought it was bullshit.
    Which was why he was here, at the batting cages, instead of broaching the subject of Thanksgiving with her.
    The bat connected with the ball with a satisfying crack. Over and over, he hit ball after ball until his arms were shaking and sweat poured down his back.
    Taking a break, he sat down and chugged some water while he debated going home to Haven or saying fuck it and heading to Greenville to his own damn house where he could do whatever the hell he wanted.
    “Up for another round?” his brother, Luke, asked as he walked in the cage.
    “Not really. I’ll watch you.”
    “That’s right. Learn from the master.” The thing was, his brother was a master. He’d been the one to get Heath into playing ball. Their dad, a farmer his entire life, had never been into sports participation, only watching from the sidelines or his recliner every Sunday evening.
    It was with Luke’s encouragement that he attempted to get a scholarship to go to college.

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