[04] Elite: Mostly Harmless

[04] Elite: Mostly Harmless by Kate Russell

Book: [04] Elite: Mostly Harmless by Kate Russell Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Russell
Tags: dangerous, harmless, kate, elite, Mostly, Russell
some speed in zero gravity he grabbed a fistful of dreadlocks to anchor himself. She gasped as her head was snatched backwards to cease his momentum, exposing a soft, vulnerable throat.
    ‘You, on the other hand,’ he slammed his hips up against hers, pressing his lips to her ear as he yanked her head painfully to the side by her dreads, ‘are disposable. Like garbage.’
    He licked her cheek suddenly; tasting her with animal intent. Katherine squirmed as a slick of his spittle dribbled down the side of her exposed neck.
    ‘Like I said, so long as you keep me tied up like this I have to assume you’re compensating for having a tiny dick. You were probably bullied about it at cadet school - I know how boys get in the wash room, obsessed with each others cocks and all that. If you really want to play like a man why don’t you release me? Let me lick you back? I bet you’d pre-jack before you could even get your pods out of your pants.’
    The air was driven violently out of her lungs as Riley’s fist connected with her belly, hard and without warning. She bent as double as her bindings would allow, a moan escaping her lips. He let her groan for a moment and then raked her head back again, dreads still balled in his fist.
    ‘Sensitive topic huh?’ Katherine said voice strained as she fought to suck some air back inside her lungs and overcome the wrenching pain in her gut. ‘You probably struggle to get it up all, even in zero-g, never mind unloading in your pants. Right? Can you only do it if a little boy is sucking it? Is that your trouble sugar?’
    This time he struck her across the face with his balled fist. It connected like an asteroid wrecker at full pelt, splitting the skin across her cheekbone and making her teeth rattle. His face was a beetroot picture of rage as he reached between her legs, forcing his thick fingers into the Kevlar covered warmth there. His lips pulled back in a vicious sneer as he tweaked savagely at her crotch. He couldn’t feel her through the rough webbing of her flight suit but it was clear by the way she wriggled that she could feel him.
    ‘Oh, I can get it up all right you dirty little whore, and it is plenty big enough to get your attention. You won’t be wondering about that for long I can assure you.’
    Katherine pushed her hips forwards against his hand, causing his rough exploration to falter.
    ‘That’s more like it soldier,’ she crooned, pressing urgently against his grabbing hand.
    He pulled back a little to look in her face, trying to judge whether she was leading him on or not. She watched him with hooded eyes, a trickle of blood tracing the contour of her face from the fresh split he’d made below her left eye. He pressed his hand more deeply into the warmth between her legs and gave a savage squeeze. Her hips arched to meet him and she moaned, this time in pleasure.
    ‘Now you’re acting like a real man. Show me what you’ve got then soldier. Let’s see if your cock lives up to your cock-sure.’
    Captain Riley looked at her carefully. He was used to taking what he wanted, but never having it offered willingly. He was still unsure whether she was for real, but he wasn’t going to untie her so what did it matter? Let her play her games. It was turning him on something wicked. His eyes wandered the length of her body. Her clothes and jewellery looked heavy and aggressive, but without them she would just be another woman; fleshy body, warm and yielding. He was getting hard at the prospect and stepped in close, placing one leg either side of hers. He kept her head pulled back with a fistful of hair and gave her left breast a squeeze with the other hand.
    ‘Oh my cock lives alright,’ he said as he ground his pelvis into her hip so she could feel the growing presence of his arousal.
    ‘I guess there might be something useful between your legs after all. But do you know what to do with it?’
    Across the cabin Angel’s cheeks flushed and she looked away,

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