03 - Organized Grime

03 - Organized Grime by Christy Barritt

Book: 03 - Organized Grime by Christy Barritt Read Free Book Online
Authors: Christy Barritt
most winning smile, and in return he grinned back at me.
    “I thought maybe it was just a scam and that you weren’t coming back.”
    I stepped inside. “Now that wouldn’t have been very nice of me.”
    He pointed to the bottles in the bin I carried. “I see you mix your own solutions.”
    “Of course. What kind of self-respecting cleaner doesn’t?”
    He stepped back. “Well, come on in. I just have to answer some emails before I leave for work. Do you need anything from me?”
    I shook my head, staring at the untidy—and that was putting it nicely—place. I was going to have my work cut out for me. There was probably a reason I stuck to crime scenes and not general housekeeping. Where did I even begin here? It was kind of hard to clean due to all the messes around me. Nonetheless, I decided to start with vacuuming. He did have a vacuum, didn’t he?
    I wandered down the hall in the general direction that he’d just come from and found Bruce sitting at a desk in what had probably been intended for the dining area. “Vacuum?”
    He stood, setting down a stack of papers. “Oh, right, right. Let me grab it for you.”
    As he hurried down the hallway, I took a quick glance at his desk. Making Bombs and How to Use Them by the National Federation for a Cleaner Earth. Something I hadn’t noticed before now stared at me from the paper.
    Written by T. Watkins.
    T. Watkins? Was Bruce’s first name really not Bruce? Or did he have a family member who was an ecoterrorist maybe? I knew enough to deduce that either Bruce or someone Bruce was affiliated with had written this bomb-making manual. And from the looks of things, he was busy writing some other manuals. What were these about? How to kill the masses and get away with it? How to blow up gas guzzling cars and make it look like a factory defect?
    “Here you go.”
    I startled, trying not to appear as if I’d been snooping. He didn’t seem to notice. He was probably too excited to have someone else clean up his filth. I forced a grin. “Thanks.”
    I tried to make quick work of vacuuming any open areas I could find. When I finished with that, I started dusting. I took my time, hoping he would wander away from his office while I cleaned that room. I needed to snoop more.
    When he left to go get another cup of coffee, I seized the opportunity. I noticed that he’d put away the bomb making manual before he left and everything else was left in semi-neat little piles. I also noticed his smart phone sitting there on the table.
    I glanced up and into the kitchen. He had his back to me as he poured himself some cereal. But how long did I have? Did I dare try to look on his smart phone?
    My muscles tightened at the idea. Casually, I swept my finger over the device’s screen. It lit up.
    Bruce still had his back toward me. “So how long have you been doing this again?” he called over his shoulder.
    “A few years,” I responded. I looked down at his phone and pressed the calendar button with one hand while feather dusting with the other.
    “You from around here?”
    “Grew up in Norfolk.” I glanced at last week. My gaze focused in on last Thursday. There. At 6 p.m. it said S.N.
    Sierra Nakamura. 
    Bruce had met with Sierra before she disappeared. Did he know anything about her disappearance now?
    “What are you doing?”
    I gasped. I looked up to find Bruce standing at the table. “I’m just dusting.”
    “My phone?”
    “I must have hit it with my duster. Sorry.”
    He looked at me for a moment, as if trying to gauge if I were trustworthy. Finally, he nodded and grabbed the phone, sliding it into his pocket. “The screen’s pretty sensitive.”
    I had to change the subject and fast. I nodded toward the litter box in the corner. “Have you seen that new eco-friendly kitty litter?”
    Kitty litter, Gabby? Really?
    “Uh… no, I guess I haven’t. Tell me about it.”
    “It’s supposed to be a lot better for the environment. It doesn’t contain

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