11 декабря 2013 | Категория: Детектив, Боевик | Просмотров: 347

Dynasty. Monk Abel’s Compass: Short Story - Rita Talverdieva

Автор: Rita Talverdieva
Название: Dynasty. Monk Abel’s Compass: Short Story
Год выпуска: 2013
ISBN: 978-5-89314-536-6

Описание книги:
Do you think we celebrate the anniversaries of the great? It is they who celebrate the benchmarks of our destiny. So… A royal ball. A history quiz and a handsome prize awaiting its winner. But instead of a fairy we have the mysterious Abel’s “compass” whose prophecies were heeded by Russian emperors. At the crossroads of the four parts of the world is a XXI century Cinderella. Will the fairy tale spring to life?

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