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Developing Web Applications with Apache, MySQL, memcached, and Perl

Name: Developing Web Applications with Apache, MySQL, memcached, and Perl
Author: Patrick Galbraith
Publisher: Wrox Press
ISBN: 0470414642
Date: 2009

The only book to address using cache to enhance and speed up Web application development
- Developers use Apache, MySQL, memcached, and Perl to build dynamic Web sites that store information within the MySQL database; this is the only book to address using these technologies together to alleviate the database load in Web development
- Covers each of the four systems and shows how to install, set up, and administer them; then shows the reader how to put the parts together to start building applications
- Explains the benefits of a base perl library for code re-use, and provides sample applications that demonstrate in a practical way the information covered in the previous chapters
- Examines monitoring, performance, and security, with a problem-solving chapter that walks the reader through solving real-world issues

Table Of Contents:
Chapter 1: LAMMP, Now with an ExtraM.
Chapter 2: MySQL.
Chapter 3: Advanced MySQL.
Chapter 4: Perl Primer.
Chapter 5: Object-Oriented Perl.
Chapter 6: MySQL and Perl.
Chapter 7: Simple Database Application.
Chapter 8: memcached.
Chapter 9: libmemcached.
Chapter 10: Memcached Functions forMySQL.
Chapter 11: Apache.
Chapter 12: Contact List Application.
Chapter 13: mod_perl.
Chapter 14: Usingmod_perl Handlers.
Chapter 15: More mod_perl.
Chapter 16: Perl and Ajax.
Chapter 17: Search Engine Application.
Appendix A: InstallingMySQL.
Appendix B: Configuring MySQL.

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