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Stereolithography: Materials, Processes and Applications

Name: Stereolithography: Materials, Processes and Applications
Author: Paulo Jorge Bartolo
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York
ISBN: 9780387929033
Date: 2011

Stereolithography: Materials, Processes and Applicationsfocuses on recent advances in stereolithography, covering aspects related to the fabrication processes, materials, and computer simulationsused in the field. Processes like two-photon polymerization, micro-stereolithography, infrared stereolithography and stereo-thermal-lithography are discussed at length.The book also describes the use of materials such as novel resins, hydrogels for medical applications and highly reinforced resins with ceramics and metals.The volumealso:
- Includes a comprehensive discussion on fabrication strategies and how to choose the right one
- Describeshands-on applications from the automotive, medical and archeology fields
- Computer simulations and applications are provided
Stereolithography: Materials, Processes and Applications brings together contributions from leaders in the field in one comprehensive reference volume, and would be invaluable for researchers and engineers working in the field.

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