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Mac OS X Leopard: Beyond the Manual

Name: Mac OS X Leopard: Beyond the Manual
Author: Mike Lee, Scott Meyers
Publisher: Apress L. P.
ISBN: 9781590598375
Date: 2007

Mac OS X is quickly becoming one of the most popular operating systems for power users. Mac OS X's ability to mesh an easy-to-use and attractive interface with a Unix back end has attracted average and power users to the Mac. In 2007, Apple releases the next version of Mac OS X: Leopard.
Mac OS X Leopard: Beyond the Manual is geared toward power users who are upgrading to Leopard (from either earlier Mac OS versions, Microsoft Windows, or anything else) and want to quickly get up to speed with the various facets of this Operating System. Written especially for power users and developers, this book covers a range of topics including:
- Leopards sleek new interface
- Unique Mac OS features and applications
- Managing all the System and User preferences
- Working with add on devices via USB, Firewire, and Bluetooth
- General system maintenance
- Data backup, recovery and security
- Using the standard included Leopard applications including Mail, Safari, Preview, and more
- Learning how to use and take advantage of the powerful Darwin subsystem in Leopard
- Configuring the network to take full advantage of the powerful networking capabilities in Leopard
- Getting started with Leopards Development Tools and features
- Using the latest features available for working with Windows on your Apple computer

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