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Tocqueville's Political Economy - Richard Swedberg

Name: Tocqueville's Political Economy
Author: Richard Swedberg
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9780691132990
Date: 2009

"In this thorough, clearly written, and superbly organized book, Swedberg persuasively presents Tocqueville as a creative and original analyst of economic topics. Swedberg also answers the question of whether Tocqueville 'got' America with a resounding 'yes.' Swedberg's work focuses especially on Tocqueville's way of thinking, and is a fresh, outstanding addition to contemporary Tocqueville scholarship and to the study of modern economic thought."—James T. Schleifer, author of The Making of Tocqueville's "Democracy in America"
"In this highly readable account of Tocqueville's entire career, Richard Swedberg shows him to be a pioneering economic sociologist who had an unusual appreciation of the unique features of the early American economy. There is a vast literature on Tocqueville as an ideologue of democracy but nothing like this book for depicting Tocqueville as a sophisticated political economist in the tradition of the English classical economists."—Mark Blaug, Amsterdam School of Economics
"Tocqueville's Political Economy is written with all the intelligence, thoroughness, and erudition characteristic of Richard Swedberg. By laying out Tocqueville's largely overlooked understanding of how economies work and relate to the rest of societies, this book makes a major contribution."—Bruce G. Carruthers, Northwestern University

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