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Good Year - Peter Mayle

Name: Good Year
Author: Peter Mayle
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 9781400042685
Date: 2004

From Peter Mayle, a wonderful new novel steeped in wine and the business of wine-and set in, bien sûr, Provence.
Max Skinner is not exactly setting the London financial world on fire-and when his supervisor steals his biggest client, it s definitely time to inspect the vineyard in Provence that his recently departed uncle left him. Heartily and happily distracted upon his arrival by the landscape, the weather, and the food- not to mention the gorgeous notaire handling the estate and the stunning owner of the local bistro- Max almost forgets about his inherited property.
Which might have been a good idea, because the wine produced there is swill. But then why, Max has to wonder, is his caretaker so anxious to acquire the land? When a beautiful young woman from California arrives with what might be a legitimate claim on the estate, and knowledge of vineyards that far outstrips Max s own, the plot begins its twists and turns into and out of truly wonderful complications and...

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