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Make Millions and Make Change - Mike Mann

Name: Make Millions and Make Change!: Secrets To Business and Personal Success
Author: Mike Mann
Publisher: MakeMillions.com
ISBN: 9780615316642
Date: 2010

Make Millions and Make Change! is your essential guide to business and personal success.
While the title of this book may sound like a get-rich-quick scheme, the methods that are shared get real people rich in the real world, even during the most difficult economic times.
Building your brand into a sustainable business is an immense challenge, especially in a down economy. In this straightforward guide, author Mike Mann has documented his high growth theory for small businesses.
Make Millions and Make Change! is a living text that includes business “Best Practices” and methodologies intended to empower, educate, and motivate you to step into your industry of choice, make your own millions, and then give back to society in a meaningful way. Mike explains in clear language how to proactively thrive in a competitive market and build your brand into a winning business.
With an emphasis on modern marketing and technology, this guide offers many excellent ideas for success in business and life.

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