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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Rowling J. K.

Name: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Author: J. K. Rowling
Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 9780439064866
Date: 1999

The eagerly anticipated sequel to the astounding smash hit Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is finally here! No need to wait — Harry's back for his second year at Hogwarts, where the infamous Chamber of Secrets has been opened for the first time in 50 years. The monster that is unleashed is literally petrifying Hogwarts students (turning them into stone, that is), and who is the primary suspect? Harry Potter himself. Add to this some enormous spiders, a Deathday Party, a ghost named Moaning Myrtle who haunts the girls' bathroom, and lots and lots of suspense, and you'll soon find yourself engrossed in another terrific tale in which magic does exist and good eventually triumphs over evil.

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